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Iron rails

After years of blogging all over the shop, with different blogs for different kinds of posts, I'm consolidating all my blogging into one place. Which means I am closing down this journal. I'm not deleting it any time soon, but I will not longer be updating it. (Which, given the frequency of the updates here shouldn't make a big difference to anyone, but I thought I'd let you all know properly, rather than have this thing hanging around like a guest that won't leave.)

If you would like to continue following my photography, you can either follow my main personal journal (if you're not already) at alasdair or you can find the photography section of my actual blog at - there is an RSS feed of same available at that URL via black_ink_photo, if you really want to get the content via LJ, but have no interest in writing side of my blogging, which is fair enough.

See you all around.